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Department of Applied Electronic & Instrumentation Engg
Instrumentation is the philosophy based on:
  1. The preposition that the condition of human society and of industrial processes & operations i.e, the force of nature, should be controlled.
  2. The principle that, before a condition can be controlled it must be measured.
  3. The dictum that, in order to measure a condition or property, it must be segregated .
  4. The logic “if you control it manually you control it automatically”. Based upon the above notion the modern industry relies heavily on automation for economic liability & mass production. The availability of sophisticated instruments and varieties of control methodologies has greatly improved not only the quality of products but also contributed to reduction of costs. In the present times, it is impossible to think of industrial production without instrumentation & control. Students of engineering are therefore called upon to learn the rudiments of instrument & control strategies very early in their graduation courses. Our institution is trying to fill this need sincerely since 1998. This department comprises experienced faculties & valuable instrumentation laboratories, the detail structure of it is given below.
Program structure:
The 4 year program is divided into 8 semesters. One academic year is divided into two semesters each of six months. Program is taught in a full batch consisting of 60 students. Faculty of this department uses multiple teaching methods i.e. in class learning through lectures, assignments and tutorials. Students are required to take up the assignment and submit it to their teachers for timely evaluation.
The department is well equipped with relevant instrumentation labs like Electronics measurement & instrumentation lab, Microprocessor & Microcontroller lab, Process control lab, sensor & Transducer lab, Industrial Instrumentation lab and Telemetry & Remote Control lab. All engineering courses comprise the simultaneous development of theoretical knowledge; Practical learning equips students with the aptitude to effectively work in groups of 3-4 in hand on experiments. As per continuous development in all respects we have taken initiatives in updating laboratories meeting the demand of present day scenarios.
Project and Dissertation:
All the final year students are required to take up a project assignment at the beginning of the 7th semester and have to carry on till the end of the 8th semester. At the end of the final year project they have to present a seminar and submit a project report. Some interesting projects like PLC based level controller and semiconductor based temperature indicator and controller have been taken up by the students and implemented successfully in the given time duration under the able guidance of the faculties of the department.
Seminar and Conference:
The Department organizes one day or two day seminars at regular interval for which the institute invites leaders from academic/industries to participate. This helps the students to share their thoughts with the experts and to know the state- of-the- art activities in the field of interests.
Summer Training and Industrial Tour:
The students are encouraged to attend summer training offered by the reputed companies at the end of third year. Students of this department have taken up training in companies like PDCL, NTPC, IOCL and CETE to name a few. This provides students with an insight into the present day industrial scenario and job markets. The institute organizes a trip to visit various industries and R&D centers for the final year students aiming to update them with the latest activities and experimental issues.
Event Participation:
Our students of AEIE department participated in ROBOTIX competition kshitij which is the renowned tech fest of IIT Kharagpur in the years 2008 and 2009.They presented their projects on STACKISTICS and line follower Robot in the two respective years. STACKISTICS was also presented in Birla Science Fair in the later half of the year 2008.
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Shri Sujoy Mukherjee Assistant Professor& HOD M.Tech
Shri Tuhin Subhra Sarkar Assistant Professor M.Tech
Shri Biplab Bag Assistant Professor M.Tech
Shri Subir Das Assistant Professor M.Tech
Technical Staff
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Shri Subhadip Pal T.A B.Tech