Applieed Electronics & Instrumentation Engg Lab
Name of the lab Major Equipments
Measurement Lab
Megger, Dynamo meter, PMMC, Anderson
Bridge, Watt Meter etc
Industrial Instrumentation and Process Control Lab

LVDT kit, Pressure Gauge and Different
industrial Parameter control System etc
Linear and Digital Control
Steper Motor, MATLAB
Microprocessor and
Microcontroller Lab

Microprocessor 8085 kits and 8051 kits
Microprocessor based system Lab

Dyna 8086 kits
Electronic Measurement
and Instrumentation Lab

DVM, DMM, Hall Probe, CRO etc
Sensor and Transducer Lab
Thermister, strain gauge, LDR etc
Remote Control and Telemetry lab

DAS, Voltage and Current Telemetry,
Remote Control System Loop