Civil Engg Lab
Name of the lab Experiments Conducted
Solid Mechanics Laboratory
  1. Tension test on Structural Materials: Mild Steel and Tor steel (HYSD bars)
  2. Compression Test on Structural Materials: Timber, bricks and concrete cubes
  3. Bending Test on Mild Steel
  4. Torsion Test on Mild Steel Circular Bar
  5. Hardness Tests on Ferrous and Non- Ferrous Materials: Brinnel and Rockwell Tests
  6. Test on closely colled helical spring
  7. Impact Test: Izod and Charpy
  8. Demonstration on Fatigue Test
Surveying Practice Laboratory
  1. Practice I:
  2. Chain Surveying
  3. Compass Surveying
  4. Plane Table survey
  5. Levelling
  6. Contouring
  7. Practice II:
  8. Traversing by Using Theodolite
  9. Traversing by using Total Station
  10. Use of Total Station for leveling and contouring
Fluid Mechanics Laboratory
  1. Determination of Orifice co-efficient
  2. Calibration of Orifice meter
  3. Calibration of V-Notch
  4. Measurement of velocity of water in an open channel using a pitot tube
  5. Measurement of water surface profile for flow over Broad crested weir
  6. Preparation of discharge rating curve for a sluice
  7. Measurement of water surface profile for a hydraulic jump
  8. Determination of efficiency of a Centrifugal pump
  9. Determination of efficiency of a Reciprocating pump
  10. Determination of efficiency of a Pelton wheel Turbine
  11. Determination of efficiency of a Francis Turbine
  12. Determination of efficiency of a Hydraulic Ram
Solid Mechanics Laboratory
  1. Practice-I:
  2. Feild identification of differnt types of soil as per indian standards , determination of natural moisture content
  3. Determination of specific gravity of i)Cohesionless ii) Cohesive soil
  4. Determination of Insitu density by corecutter method & snad replacement method
  5. Grain size distribution of cohesionless soil by sieving & fine grain soil by hydrometer analysis
  6. Determination of Atterberg's limits
  7. Determination of coefficient of permeability by constant haed pemeameter & variable head parameter
  8. Determination of compaction characterristics of soil
  9. Practice-II:
  10. Determination of compressibility characteristics of soil by Oedometer test
  11. Determination of unconfined compressive strength of soil
  12. Determination of Shear parameter of soil by Direct shear test
  13. Determination of undrained shear strength of soil by Vane shear test.
  14. Determination ofshear parameter of soil by Triaxial test(UU)
  15. Standard Penetration Test
Concrete Laboratory
  1. Tests on cement
  2. Tests on fine aggregate
  3. Tests on coarse aggregate
  4. Tests on Fresh Concrete
  5. Hardened Concrete
  6. Mix Design of Concrete.
Highway & Transportation Engineering
  1. Tests on highway materials
  2. Bitumen & bituminous materials
  3. Design of B.C. & S.D.B.C. Mix
  4. CBR Test.