Department of Department of Basic Science, Humanities & Mechanical Engineering (BSHME)

Since: 1998

This department is one of the most important of all engineering related department as the subjects taught under it are common to all streams. All teaching and technical staff are committed to offer the best quality of teaching to the students.

Subjects: English, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, English Language & Communication.

As our understanding of the physical world has developed, so have the resulting ideas and discoveries provide the driving force behind much of our rapidly changing technology. To be able to understand and move with these changes, an individual must have a strong grasp of the underlying fundamental principles. Engineering Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Mechanics provide an opportunity at the undergraduate level to develop a deeper understanding of these fundamentals in an engineering context. The workshop has been working as a great boost for all the 1st year students while the Physics and Chemistry laboratories with all their equipments have been helping the students to inculcate excellence in the concerned subjects.

As for English, its importance for technical students needs no elaboration. It is a crude fact that without a fair communication skill in English, it is useless for technocrats to dream of bright career. Sound subject knowledge combined with an excellent communication skill in English constitutes prerequisites for landing a good job.

Apart from holding syllabus oriented classes (including group discussion, mock interviews, and slide presentations), the teacher concerned is committed to encourage the students to speak in English even if their efforts at first are inept and incorrect.

To sum up, the subject taught under the department is an apprenticeship on the broad based and modest fundamental level for a career in Engineering.

Like the parent bird, the concerned teacher fosters the early youngling with great patience until the students start flapping their wings with joyous abandon.

  • To create best engineering minds to serve the nation and mankind in general and to develop technical center of excellence in the field of Computer Science and Engineering with an objective to impart high quality education and training through the latest computer technology to ensure high precision safety and security of work.

  • To motivate the aspirant engineers with the state-of-the-art technical knowledge to unleash their technical, professional, creativity, ethical potentiality and social awareness.

  • To evolve a system of optimum practical skill by providing a balanced curriculum of practical demonstrations and theoretical deliberations under the guidance of fleet of dedicated and experienced teachers and upgraded learning resources.

  • To create a lively learning atmosphere by continuous teacher-student interaction,interaction with professional entrepreneurs and team works.

  • To provide individual training befitting the skill and interest of each student in order to experience with the realistic systems and applications and to maintain relevance of courses of studies.

  • To organize soft skill development sessions and specialized skill training required by the industry for improving employability of the graduates.

  • To improve learning outcomes and personality development of the students.

  • To enhance faculty and staff knowledge and competence through training programs and qualification up gradation by sponsoring them for higher studies and research.